Afromysterics Art Style

Laolu Senbanjo

My style of art is called "afromysterics" it simply means the online trading platforms mystery of the African thought pattern. These masterpieces are full of meaning and deep thinking. My art is spiritual. Nothing in life happens by accident. Art is what you call it. Life is what you make it. Every symbol has a meaning. Every face has an expression. The different patterns tell their own stories.

Welcome to my world! You might be best trading platform in nigeria wondering why I prefer the to use charcoal, the reason is that charcoal is one of the oldest art materials. It was what our pre-historic ancestors used while drawing on cave walls. Charcoal is an impure form of elemental carbon made by burning selected woods in anaerbic conditions. While other art materials may have greater color saturation than charcoal, only a few will last as long. The joy of online trading platform using charcoal as a drawing medium lies in its spontaneity and sensitivity. It opens a giant door of creativity and imagination.

All art is about dirtying the paper delicately. But first, you have to have a dirty mind.

Afromysterics Afromysterics